News end November 2014

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New hospital project

Sekong : the medical project started a month ago as it was planned. Training for manager nurses has begun in order to train them in team and service management. Two French couples – doctor and dentists- are planning to come over again for a short term mission at the end of the month; they will complete the training of the dentists, radiologists and ophthalmologist of the hospital.


Nouveau collaborateur

Étienne et Laure-Lise Moret, from Switzerland, are flying to Vientiane on the 3nd of December. Étienne will be in charge of the admnistrative sector of SFE head office


The community health program still continues at the same time with a good participation of the people in some 20 villages of the province. The working conditions of our teams are demanding due to the remote location of the villages and the poor road conditions.