New of March-April, 2012

Attapeu: community development

Installation of gravity water supply systems

The community development team in Attopeu is presently working for the construction of a water supply system in the village of Saydongkhong, which has 500 inhabitants and no other water supply than the river. A water supply by gravity will be implemented, taking water from the river about 2 km from the village. The system will bring water to 5 pumps in different places of the village, and provide the health center with running water. The work is rather difficult, as they have to cut a path from the river to the village through an area covered with big trees and rocks. When the village is reached, the construction of the reservoir and of the water supply sites will start.

In the same village, the team and the villagers have started to build toilets. SFE plans to build some 400 toilets this year in the different villages where we work.

Moreover, SFE is working at the setting up of vegetable gardens. It has started this activity in 7 villages so far, and the results are promising. SFE provides seeds and garden tools (hoe, rake, watering can, …). The villagers build their own fence themselves, and they sow and plant different vegetables according to the training provided by the SFE team.

Savannakhet : hôpital ophtalmologique

Inauguration of the new ophthalmological laboratory at Savannakhet hospital, March 2, 2012.


Sekong: TB project

At the end of 2011, the staff of the provincial hospital in Sekong expressed their need and asked help from SFE to rebuild 45 mattresses. The generosity of our donors allowed SFE to honor this request, and we could eventually provide the hospital with new mattresses. April 8, an official ceremony was organized to acknowledge the donation of these new mattresses.

Moreover, they had a second request about anti-radiation protective aprons for the radiological unit. These aprons have been graciously offered by a French radiology office.