Savannakhet – Eye project

The Savannakhet Eye Project


photo ophtalmologie

Consultation opthalmologique

In 2010, the government accepted SFE commitment to support the second phase of the Eye Project in the Savannakhet

The three main objectives are:

  • Support mobile clinics.
  • Further training for medical personnel.
  • Improved production in the laboratory medicine installation and in the optical laboratory.

General objectives:

To improve the health in the province, a multi-level project, both sustainable and equitable.

Three specific objectives are:

  1. The support of mobile clinics
  2. The training of medical personnel
  3. Improving the production laboratory medicine, and the optical laboratory.

1. Support mobile clinics:

This activity, already integrated in the first project, is this project’s innovation. Financial support has enabled a team from the Savannakhet eye hospital to visit villages in remote areas of the province to detect, treat or operate on patients with eye diseases.

In conjunction to this work, SFE supports staff training clinics and district hospitals in their detection of eye disease so they can effectively detect and direct these patients to the provincial eye hospital.

2. Medical personnel training

This section has two main activities:

  • the organization of theoretical and practical short-term training by American experts. According to the needs, the most recent medical equipment could be supplied for better diagnosis and treatment.
  • funding to send a general practitioner in Thailand to specialize in ophthalmology.

3. Improving the production laboratory medicine, and the optical laboratory

  • regarding the manufacturing laboratory eye drops, SFE is supporting the hospital in obtaining laboratory certification for the production of eye drops.
  • SFE is providing funds to provide a working capital necessary to purchase the initial components of these eye drops.
  • in partnership with U.S. advisors, SFE is supporting the hospital in introducing improvements to its optical laboratory, providing a new range of machines to enable it to manufacture glasses.

The Miracle of Sight

(news from October 2005)