Rural development

Sustainable Development

This project aimed to enable villagers living at a subsistence level in rural areas to develop skills in silk production based on local knowledge combined with appropriate technologies.

The project in Thateng was closed in 2013, and the local producers are now independant and in link with Mai Savanh Lao, an entreprise which has a farm nearby.

SFE has now diversified its activities and has started a new Community Agriculture and Development Project

Brief history

The aim of this previous project was to increase participants’ income selling silk products by securing better quality and quantity to reach an improved market position..

  • Training on the school farm aims to improve techniques for the entire silk industry and too ensure that these improvements are integrated in the village context.
  • Introduction of micro-credits for the purchase of production tools.
  • Support for target populations in a dynamic process of empowerment for the marketing of the silk sector.

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