Medical projects

The SFE co-operates in the rehabilitation of provincial hospitals, the training of staff plus other training programmes for dispensary development .Our general objectives are to improve the performance of provincial hospitals in order to meet the sanitary needs of the local population and to make them effective, well-reputed provincial centers, so that we may spread out the work to district, to village dispensaries and to community health centers. The SFE works with a holistic strategy, strengthening hospital structures first at the provincial and district levels, aiming at implementing a global concept of village development. There are now 2 ongoing projects on 2 sites

See below the description of completed projects

The SFE contributes namely :

  • at the level of organisation (governance)
  • Developing human resources (training of trainees) (accent sur la formation et la formation de formateurs)
  • Operational research programmes that work with international affiliates.

The SFE has been involved since 1998 in medical projects in the Attapeu province, since 2005, in Luang Namtha province. It has been involved with the national TB control programme, in the provinces of Sekong and Attapeu. It also contributes to the opthalmologic center in Savannakhet, particularly in the establishing of a unit of the production of eye drops and in mobile clinics to reach out to people in the villages.