SFE is based on Christian values. The three letters of our name summarize our philosophy :

S ombré

ervice — We wish to serve the local populations of Laos whilst respecting the local culture. We wish to accompany our Laotian coworkers and our partners by transmitting to them, competences, adapted technologies and knowledge. The spirit in which we wish to work can be resumed by one word : compagnonship.

F ombré

raternel — We believe that fraternity between men is possible and it’s up to us to make it so— our service is for all humanity, without distinction of gender, geographical or social background, religion or philosophy.

E ombré

ncouraging mutual help — it is by cooperation and mutual help that we can continue to build a future together. This is why we work together with the authorities and the local population in promoting real sharing with our partners, rather than just giving one-sided help. Our programme puts the emphasis on training and development of human capacities, looking toward long term results.