Sekong Hospital project

Strengthening Health Care Services Project – Sekong Provincial hospital, Lao PDR

Origin of the project:

After 15 years of presence in Attapeu province in the area of medical work, SFE decided to expand its medical work to Sekong Province, one of the poorest provinces in Laos with a total population of 97,700 inhabitants. In October 2014, SFE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Provincial Health Department of Sekong Province for a new medical project for a duration of 3 years: The Strengthening Health Care Services Project.

Main objective:

The main objective of the project is to improve the health care services in the provincial hospital, the 3 district hospitals and 4 health centers in Kalum and Dackchueng districts through the increase of the knowledge and skills of the medical staff as well as by the improvement of the medical equipment needed to provide basic care.

Main activities:

In line with the national strategic health development plan of the government, the following activities are implemented in collaboration with the management and the medical staff of the concerned hospitals:

  • Establishment and training of a group of medical trainers
  • Theoretical and practical training on making proper physical assessments and granting adequate cares
  • Training on the use of medical equipment and its basic maintenance.
  • Training on data collection and patient file writing
  • Providing of financial support to nurses and doctors for medical specializations in hospitals in of the capital city
  • Providing of financial support to 4 students in nursing
  • Funding and conduction of renovation and constructions works in the 3 district hospitals and 4 health centers of the province

The staff and the management of the hospitals are involved in the planning, the implementation and the evaluation of the activities. The local authorities are also supporting the implementation and are involved in the decision making process of the project.


The staff for this project is made of one expatriate (the project manager) and the following local employees:

  • A medical doctor
  • An accountant/ administrator
  • A driver


The project is mainly funded by Swiss donors such as the “Fédération vaudoise de cooperation” (Fedevaco), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Bread for All (PPP), “Solidarité Tiers-Monde” (STM) and the “Service de Mission et d’Entraide” (SME).